Model Making


A laser cut model

One helpful thing that is available to students in the Architecture, Design and Construction School is the laser cutter that assists in making clean and professional models. I have been trained as a technician for the laser cutter which has given me the opportunity to see many different types of projects that students use it for. For landscape architecture, the laser cutter is a great tool to model topography and landform while other students use it to construct structures and buildings as well. In addition the school also has a 3D printer to use which models anything from figurines to busts of famous people. Both printers are important resources to the work being done at the University because they allow students to better communicate their ideas and designs in a physical way that transcends what can be done digitally or on paper.  Creativity is enhanced by machines such as these and elevates the coursework that we do here.

I have also been able to explore model making through the use of different materials this term as well. Mostly using foamboard and card to construct quick sketch models, I have enjoyed the quick and easy nature of buildings something that is temporary and a tool to hash out my ideas. There are times that I don’t quite understand my designs until I see them in 3D. Instead of designing everything in plan view, model making allows me to understand how it might be to experience my designed sites. And sometimes it is just fun to be crafty!


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